Documents Prepared by the Trustee

For each Land Trust created we will prepare your Land Trust Agreement and Warranty Deed to Trustee. We provide the preparation for most of these necessary documents by our Attorneys. As required we will also provide tax reporting forms to accompany documentary stamps on unrecorded transfers within your trust.


Land Trust Agreement

The unrecorded but written agreement which sets out the property interest to be held in trust, identifies the beneficiary(s), their rights and obligations under the trust arrangement and names the Trustee as well as confers upon that trustee the powers given to them as outlined in FS 689.073; This agreement will include all necessary information in accordance with FS 689.071/073


Warranty Deed to Trustee

The recorded transferring document which transfers the interest in the real property from the current owner to the Trustee of the Land Trust and outlines the powers conveyed upon said trustee in accordance with FS 689.073(1)


Assignment of Beneficial Interest (Optional)

The unrecorded transferring document of the trust property form one beneficiary to the next beneficiary.  Said transfer is ordered by the transferring beneficiary in writing and is acknowledged by the Trustee on the Assignment which is also executed by the transferring beneficiary. The title owner remains the current trustee.


Property Management Agreement

One of the things that make us different, with no extra charge we provide a Management Agreement. The agreement between the trustee and the beneficiary (or the individual or entity of the beneficiary’s choice) as manager, granting  the power to this manager to perform the day to day management duties required of the property. This gives you control of the property without letting anyone know you are the owner.

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