Land Trusts provide you the privacy to build your future with confidence.


What’s a Land Trust?

A Land Trust is a private agreement, whereby the Trustee, Common Wealth Trust Services, agrees to hold title to property for you, as beneficiary, the property owner. By titling your real estate in the name of a Land Trust, your current ownership interest becomes private in the Official Records of your county and state. Public records websites, such as Property Appraiser, Tax Collector, and permit applications, only reveal the title ownership, not your beneficial ownership. Using a Corporate Trustee, like us, rather than a family member or friend adds another layer of protection, privacy, and confidentiality. According to Florida Statutes, your trustee cannot act without the beneficiary’s written direction, you remain in complete control and continue to manage the property as normal. Laws governing the use of Land Trusts in Florida are specifically set out in FS 689.071 and FS689.073. We prepare all the proper paperwork and even coordinate with your title company if you choose to purchase a property through a land trust.


We work with our clients to understand their needs so we can provide the right structure for their trust as well as beneficiary relationships.

Doc Prep

For each Land Trust created we will prepare your Land Trust Agreement and Warranty Deed to Trustee. We provide the preparation for most of these necessary documents.


Whether you own an existing property to be placed in trust or purchasing a property through a trust we will ensure that the Warranty Deed to Trustee is properly recorded with the County.


We work with the title companies, attorneys, and escrow companies, preparing your closing documents to ensure that transactions are completed smoothly and accurately.

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