ABOUT US: Corporate Trustee for Land Trusts

Common Wealth Trust Services, LLC was formed in 2014 by August Byllott in response to his need and desire to use the protections that land trusts provide as he continued to build his real estate investing business effectively and coach others on the best way to build their businesses safely and profitably.  

The use of land trusts is almost nationwide but Florida is unique because it is one of a few states that provides for the use of land trusts in their state statutes.  The laws governing the use of land trusts in Florida are specifically set out in FS 689.071 and FS689.073.

Attorney Andrea Aylett-Hosch, Florida Attorney, Realtor®, and real estate investor joined the Common Wealth Team in 2016 and from there the team and business has grown to over one hundred and fifty clients and over three hundred and fifty active trusts at any one time. 

As a corporate trustee for land trusts, we have the expertise to advise clients on the trust structure that will be most beneficial to them. We provide all necessary documentation and coordinate with lenders, sellers, purchasers, title and closing agents, property managers, and other team members necessary to effectively manage and control your real estate interests that are in or being placed into a land trust with us as trustee.

With Common Wealth Trust Services, LLC as your Trustee, you can…


  • Keep your Real Estate ownership private
  • Keep the sales price hidden in some circumstances 
  • Keep transfers of ownership private and unrecorded
  • Keep property liens on one property from affecting your other properties
  • Helps reduce the paperwork and cost of the probate of your Real Estate
  • Avoid additional accounting costs associated with multiple LLC’s
  • Avoid partition with multiple owners
  • Reduce your risk of lawsuits


At Common Wealth Trust Services, LLC giving back is important to us.  Many of our clients and partners in real estate and other businesses join with us to support the international efforts of Chair the Love which enables many around the globe to experience mobility of person when they are not physically able and cannot afford a wheelchair themselves.  On average, every wheelchair provided enhances the lives of ten people. We are proud to partner with Chair the Love to give a hand up to families and communities around the world and we invite you to join us by placing your donation here.

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